New Security Lights

100w HPS installed on an existing pole                                          $ 8.70 per month

100w HPS where a new pole is required                                        $10.00 per month

250 high pressure sodium installed on an existing pole             $18.50 per month

250 high pressure sodium where a new pole is required           $20.00 per month

Haul and Set 

Procedures and Requirements

Pole Purchase: Poles may be purchased through TOUA for the purpose of installing a meter box and main disconnect. It is the customer’s responsibility to assure that the purchased pole meet TOUA’s height requirements for the point of attachment.

Mark Pole Locations: Customer requesting a Haul and Set must place a stake marked with white paint at location of pole set. A drawing must be submitted with pole set location as well as buildings, driveways and leach field if they apply.

Utility Locates (Blue Stake): The customer is responsible for requesting a Blue Stake by calling (520) 383-5770. All customers owned underground lines i.e. water, electric, telephone must be marked by customer. A copy of utility locate sheets and any drawings of customer owned lines must be submitted. TOUA assumes no liability for unmarked customer owned buried lines.

Haul and Set Procedures

Spec Sheet MOH-Flat Block

Spec Sheet MOH-Flat

Spec Sheet MOH-Pitched

Spec Sheet MOP Meter on Pole

Dusk to dawn security lights repairs or request please call (520) 383-5821.