Establishing New Electric Service

Required TOUA forms include:

Service Line Agreement

Customer Data Sheet

Billing Information Form

A copy of a District and/or Community Resolution for approval of land assignment and utility hook up at the customer’s home site.


New customers are required to pay a $200.00 deposit prior to connect. A Deferred Deposit Agreement can be made, talk to a Customer Service Representative. Or, A letter of credit from a previous utility company – must not have been delinquent more than 2 times in a 12 month period. Note: Deposits will not be waived if the customer is moving into an apartment.

Returning TOUA customer must pay all outstanding balances prior to connecting. Please talk to a Customer Service Representative.

Line Extension Policy

Toua Allows the customer up to 1,000 feet from the nearest utility pole to establish new electric service. Should the line extension exceed 1,000 feet, contribution of Aid in Construction will be applied which is $2.50 per foot. Payment will need to be remitted before construction begins.

Meter Box Inspection

The electric service entrance (meter loop) must be inspected by TOUA and meet specifications prior to connecting. An adult (18 or older) must be present when the inspection takes place. To request an inspection, you may call our office at (520) 383-5821.

New Security Lights

To request a new Dusk-to-Dawn light at your residence, we ask the following questions:

Is there an existing utility pole in the area?

Where do you want the light? (North of house, east corner of fence, etc.)

Which direction would you like the light to face? (West towards house, south towards storage, etc.)

We also ask that you mark the area where you would like the light pole to be set.

There are two security lights that we install and maintain.

40W LED – Light has a 100 ft radius.

  • Installed on an existing pole                                          $ 8.70 per month
  • Requires a new pole                                                         $10.00 per month

70W LED – Light has a 125 ft radius.

  • Installed on an existing pole                                         $18.50 per month
  • Requires a new pole is required                                   $20.00 per month


Dusk to dawn security lights repairs or request please call (520) 383-5821.

Haul and Set 

Procedures and Requirements

Pole Purchase: Poles may be purchased through TOUA for the purpose of installing a meter box and main disconnect. It is the customer’s responsibility to assure that the purchased pole meet TOUA’s height requirements for the point of attachment.

Mark Pole Locations: Customer requesting a Haul and Set must place a stake marked with white paint at the location of pole set. A drawing must be submitted with pole set location as well as buildings, driveways and leach field if they apply.

Utility Locates (Blue Stake): The customer is responsible for requesting a Blue Stake by calling (520) 383-5770. All customers owned underground lines i.e. water, electric, telephone must be marked by the customer. A copy of utility locate sheets and any drawings of customer-owned lines must be submitted. TOUA assumes no liability for unmarked customer owned buried lines.

Haul and Set Procedures

Spec Sheet MOH-Flat Block

Spec Sheet MOH-Flat

Spec Sheet MOH-Pitched

Spec Sheet Meter on Pole