Water & Wastewater Department

TOUA is committed to providing quality water service for its customers. The water systems of the Nation, maintained by TOUA, aim for compliance with the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act. Groundwater is the sole source of water for the Nation. TOUA consistently tests the water for assurance that it meets standards of the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act are met. Recently new standards were imposed by the Act that lowered allowable contaminant levels for arsenic in water systems. In response to this, TOUA, with the assistance of the Indian Health Service and the Environmental Protection Agency, has installed arsenic removal systems to ensure safe drinking water for its Customers. In addition to water systems, TOUA maintains sewer community systems on the Nation. There are currently over 3, 100 TOUA water customers and over 1,600 customers that are served by TOUA.

Have Questions About Water?

Sales & ServiceFor plumbing services, contact TOUA Water Department
(520) 383-5831
Your plumbing service may be billed to the utility bill (for electric/water). The account must be current and permission from the account holder is required.