Will TOUA fill a tank that does not belong to them?

TOUA will fill a tank that belongs to a customer, if the customer comes in to apply for service. Once an application is on file, and propane is prepaid, a delivery can be scheduled. TOUA will not deliver to a competitor’s tank (Barnettes, Amerigas, etc.)

What do I need to do to set up my home for propane?

For new propane service, a customer must install a service line and request an inspection from TOUA. Specification sheets are available in our office for service line install. TOUA does not install service lines. This is the customers responsibility. Existing customers who have not used an existing service line for a year or more must have it inspected, for safety purposes, before usage.

Is it possible to order propane and get same day delivery?

Yes, There is an (IISS) Interruption In Scheduled Service fee of $75. This fee does not guarantee same day delivery, but will assure we will get to you as soon as possible.

I’m not sure when to request a delivery, at what percentage should my tank read to request for order?

Customers who participate in our “Budget Plan” are asked to call when the tank reads 20%. This will provide enough propane to last until your route is scheduled for a delivery. All “Will Call Customers” need to monitor their tanks. They must come in to prepay before a delivery can be made.

What are the benefits of being on the budget plan?

Budget plan customers can call and schedule a delivery. This delivery will be billed without having to prepay for the entire delivery. Budget plan customers can accumulate credit and use for future deliveries. Budget plan customers don’t have to run out of propane if they monitor their tanks and call in for a delivery in a timely manner. Budget plan customers will have the same amount billed every month, once the budget amount has been established based on the customer's historical usage. Budget amounts are reviewed every 6 months.

If I see the propane delivery person in my area, could I ask them to come fill up my tank? Or do I need to call in an order?

All order requests must be called into the office. The propane delivery person has a route schedule to maintain. If a driver is asked, the driver will advise the customer to call the office.

If I have a tank from TOUA and I run out of propane, can I hook up a small 5 gallon tank, until I am able to purchase propane from TOUA?

TOUA does not allow small bottles to be hooked up to TOUA property. This causes damage to our equipment and customer will be charged a $250.00 tampering fee AND a lease tank can be removed from the property at anytime the customer is in violation of lease agreement. To avoid additional charges please call our office for a delivery.

Can I have any family member or friend call to request for a propane order on my behalf?

No, unless previous arrangements are made by the account holder, and the family member or friend has signed the authorization form that is provided in our office and is also signed by the account holder.