Home High Speed DSL

DSL w/1 year contract

1/6 Mb/s $71.70/mo.
1/10 Mb/s $74.33/mo.
3/15 Mb/s $89.48/mo.
3/25 Mb/s $94.88/mo,
25/50 Mb/s $112.16/mo.

DSL w/3 year contract

1/6 Mb/s $52.50/mo.
1/10 Mb/s $54.17/mo.
3/15 Mb/s $65.13/mo.
3/25 Mb/s $69.14/mo.
25/50 Mb/s $81.45/mo.

Activation fee of $185.00 is waived if service is kept uninterrupted for six months. Also requires a purchase of compatible DSL modem. DSL not available in all areas, please view service locations map to check your location.



Service Locations

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7700 N BEC Wireless Router

Price: $68.93

8920 AC BEC Dual Band Wireless Router

Price: $230.69

8920 NXL BEC Power Booster Wireless Router

Price: $230.69

Basic Service – $7.00/mo

Customer will purchase modem of choice, at cost. TOUA will assist with modem set-up before you leave our office and will provide two technical support calls per month and 1 home visit.

Ultimate Service – $18.00/mo

TOUA will lease all equipment (enhanced modem, bridge, and battery backup), unlimited over the phone DSL technical support, unlimited basic computer assistance and 3 home visits a year. One year manufacturer defect and unintentional damage. Warranty DOES NOT cover water damage, abuse, and normal wear and tear on all equipment.

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