Do I have to come in person to apply for subsidy?

Yes, you do. However, special considerations can be made. Please call the subsidy coordinator to see what can be worked out at (520) 383-5859.

For our customers’ convenience, the TOUA subsidy coordinator schedules to be in Sif Oiak, Gu Vo, Pisinemo, and San Xavier District. Please call the coordinator for specific dates and locations.

How do I verify my income?

If you receive benefits such as AFDC, GA, SSI, or Disability benefits, an approval letter will be sufficient. A printout of benefits from the supporting agencies are also acceptable.

A recent check stub for any employed household members will be accepted. If a customer is self-employed, they may submit a statement for monthly earnings.

If I am on Elder Subsidy, do I have to reapply?

No. Only Low-Income customers need to reapply every six months.

Will I be notified when I need to reapply?

A customer may apply two months before their subsidy is expired. TOUA will provide a letter of approval which states when it will be time to reapply. A courtesy letter is generally mailed out the month the subsidy expires to those customers who did not reapply.

If I receive benefits from social agencies such as DES or SSA, do I have to report that I am on subsidy?

Yes. It is the customer’s responsibility to report subsidy participation to the agencies as it may impact a person’s benefits. This is true of both Elder and Low-Income Subsidy participants.

When I get my bill, will the subsidy amount be taken out?

No, You will get your actual bill. The Subsidy Coordinator will prepare a report based on current usage of all subsidy participants. By the 10th of every month the amount should be available. However, until the monthly report is complete, you may pay the amount you owe that exceeds $85.

Will being on subsidy keep me connected?

Being on subsidy helps you with your bill. You are responsible for any amount that goes over the monthly subsidy amount.

Does subsidy  pay for past due or connect fees?

No. Subsidy only pays current usage. Any other fees are the customers responsibility.