Does TOUA require a deposit for new utility customers?

Yes. If you have never had a bill with TOUA the deposit amount is $400 Electric/Water services. You may call TOUA’s water and electric billing department for any questions you may have regarding the deposit. If you have had any type of service with TOUA and your account(s) are in good standing your deposit will be waived. You may not have to pay the deposit if you can provide a letter of credit from a previous utility company where you were not delinquent more than twice during a 12-month period. TOUA does require a completed customer information form. This form will provide basic information necessary to establish your account, such as billing address contact information etc. Customer Information Form.pdf

I acquired a home/land site from my district. What do I need to get electric service from TOUA?

A TOUA new customer service data form would need to be completed and submitted with a service line agreement. A district resolution or community resolution for home/land site authorizing all utilities to be provided. This would include electric, telephone, water/wastewater, and propane. TOUA will extend an electric service line to accommodate a customer up to 1,000 feet. Any amount in excess of this will require a “Contribution In Aid of Construction” from the homeowner. This would need to be paid before any construction begins. Service Line Agreement.pdf

I need the electric bill in my name. The name on the account no longer lives here, what does TOUA need for me to change the account in my name?

For existing services, you will need homeowner verification. This can be done by the following: A deed (if it is your home) or Will (verifies a previous owner willed it to you? or Probate Allocation or A letter from the district verifying how long you have been in the home and to verify your relation to the homeowner. IF someone else owns the home, you will need a notarized letter from the homeowner giving authorization for the name change and/or connect service at the location. Or in the case of a “family home,” where the parents are deceased, a notarized letter from all of the siblings acknowledging you are in the home and will be responsible for the utility bill. If there were services in the home all past due TOUA balance would have to be paid. In addition, if you owe TOUA for any service, these must also be paid or arrangements made on any previous bill(s) you may have had with TOUA.

What can I do if I cannot pay my bill on the due date?

IF you need some time to pay your bill, you may make arrangements with our collections department.

Does TOUA require inspection for new electric service?

Yes. The customer will notify the electric operations department when they are ready for hook-up. TOUA will inspect the electric service entrance (meter loop). This must meet specifications that are provided by TOUA.

If the outlet in my home does not work, who do I call at TOUA?

If the outlet does not work in your home it is your responsibility to call an electrician to assist you. TOUA provides power to your home up to the electric meter. After the meter, the responsibility belongs to the customer.