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In operation since 1989, TOUA Cellular strives to provide our Nation with affordable, familiar, and locally based cellular services. To provide this, TOUA Cellular Service has partnered with some of the leading providers in cellular services, to bring the best and most reliable wireless network available to the Nation via these established partnerships. Our 400 plus customers have definitely benefited from our efforts. Advances in cellular services and our network are on the horizon. We will continue to work hard to provide, inform, and educate our customers about new and exciting devices and services that continue to evolve in the industry.

Thank you for your continued business, we know you have many choices when it comes to your wireless service and we are glad to assist you in your communication needs.

We invite you to take a few minutes to browse and see what we have to offer.

  • NEW!

    Samsung Galaxy S8   64GB

    $324.99 +tax  w/ 10 Month Contract


    Samsung Galaxy S8 plus  64GB

    $454.99 +tax  w/ 10 Month Contract


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    Do you want freedom from worrying about overages?

    TOUA Cellular offers unlimited data for $19.99 month.

    Give us a call to sign-up today!


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  • Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB

    $129.99+tax  w/ 10 month Contract


    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge  32GB

    $279.99 +tax  w/ 10 Month Contract


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  • iPhone 7  32GB

    $259.99+tax  w/ 10 Month Contract


    iPhone 7 Plus  32GB

    $415.99+tax  w/ 10 Month Contract


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  • Pixel by Google 5"

    $279.99+tax  w/ 10 month Contract


    Pixel by Google 5.5"

    $415.99 +tax  w/ 10 Month Contract


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Plans & Services

Talk Plans

We have many plans to choose from, let's us help you find the right one. TOUA brings to you our modestly priced plans from Talk Only to Talk and Text. Each plan comes with a 10 month contract.

Shop Phones

Shop Phones

TOUA Cellular has the best pricing on our phones. Shop right here in your town, no need to drive to the nearest city to fill your cellular needs.

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