Telephone FAQ’s

There are all common and frustrating problems that may have a simple fix. To help you get the most out of your telephone service, try the following tips and questions which may solve your issue without having to wait for a TOUA Telephone Technician to respond to your house.

How Do I Sign-up For Telephone Service In My Home?

You would need to come into the telephone office at TOUA and complete the new service application. There is an installation fee of $38.00 for new service. If there has never been service there before, there are two documents that are needed before installation. 1) Land Assignment 2) District Resolution.

Why Do I Need A Land Assignment And/or District Resolution?

These two forms are needed because we need district approval before TOUA can install any brand new services, construction will need to be done. NOTE! If your home is pre-wired the charge to activate wire(s) will be $5.00 each (@ time of install) If customer requests any additional lines be installed after initial install, the price will be $36.00 per hour with a 2hr minimum charge.

My Phone Was Disconnected, How Do I Re-install My Telephone Services?

Balance needs to be paid in full. If you have been disconnected for 60 days or less a $25.00 fee is charged to reconnect your services. If it has been more than 60 days it will be considered a new install and the customer will be charged $38.00 to reconnect their services. Reconnection time depends on the length of time the phone has been disconnected.

What Are The Rates For TOUA Long Distance?

TOUA Long Distance Plan A: ($4.95 per month, $0.19 /minute, anytime, anywhere, in the U.S.) TOUA Long Distance Plan B: ($0.23/minute, anytime, anywhere, in the U.S.) If eligible for Long Distance service, the customer would need to come to TOUA Telephone department and sign up for Long distance service.

Does Someone Have To Be Home At The Time Of An Install?

Yes, customers must be 18 years or older, just to ensure a secure installation.

What is A CPNI #?

The FCC prohibits your telephone company from releasing your customer information to you when you call the company except when you provide a password. More information about CPNI is available at the FCC’s website here: A CPNI # is a 4 digit number that you create and only you know, to keep your TOUA telephone account secure. When you make changes to your account, this code must be given to ensure security for any information given or received.

How Do I Sign-up For DSL (Internet) Service?

To sign up for our high speed internet service you would need to come into our telephone office here at TOUA. Then one of our friendly customer service reps will be happy to help you fill out an application. They can also explain the different speeds and modems that we offer. Give one of our customer service reps a call at (520) 383-5841

No dial tone or static on the line? Try these trouble shooting tips for common telephone problems.

Make sure your ringer is on. Check the base cord to insure it’s plugged into the phone base and jack properly and make sure it does not have any exposed wiring or sharp kinks. Also, insure it isn’t being stepped on frequently, or doesn’t have any heavy objects, such as furniture, sitting on top of it. Unplug the phone at the jack and electrical outlet for a short period of time before plugging it back in. If available, use this short time to test another phone on the line to see if dial tone is restored. If so, it may be your phone that is damaged. If you have a cordless phone, make sure the battery is plugged in properly and not damaged in anyway. If the telephone trouble persists after these steps, please contact the TOUA Service Center at (520) 383-5800 during our regular business hours. After hours, call 611 from any landline phone here on the Nation.