Free WiFi for TON Students

As the Tohono O’odham Nation’s provider of Telephone and Internet services and in support of the FCC’s “Keeping America Connected” efforts to combat the COVID-19 epidemic, TOUA is pleased to announce that we will be taking part by keeping our Nation’s students digitally connected during this uneasy time. We would like to encourage all students to take advantage of our FREE WiFi connections which have been set up in several communities throughout the Tohono O’odham Nation. These sites will remain open for use, free of charge through May 31, 2020, and our hope is to allow students the ability to remain involved with their education, even if they are unable to participate in a classroom setting.

WiFi sites can be accessed in the following communities: Sells, Little Tucson, Crowhang, Fresnal Village, Pan Tak, Santa Rosa Ranch, Topawa, IOBSD, Cowlic, South Komelic, Vamori, San Miguel Community, New Fields, Fresnal Canyon, Nolic, Cababi, Rincon, San Luis, Sikul Himak, Mountain Village, Comobabi, Queens Well, Sil Nakya, Palo Verde, Santa Rosa Village, Kohatk, Jack Rabbit, North Komelic, Anegam, Kaka, Ventana, Vaya Chin, Charco 27, Hickiwan, Hasan Casino, Gunsight, Menegers Dam, Pia Oik, San Simon, Santa Cruz, Gu Vo, Kukatch, Pisinemo, Archie Hendricks Nursing Home Housing, Ak Chin, Cockleburr, White Horse Pass, Chui Chu, North Santa Rosa.

WiFi site SSIDs (network names) vary but are generally named for the village or area it serves.

WARNING!! Too many users will cause the speed to decrease, interruption in service or complete loss of service. We kindly ask for everyone’s support in allowing this service to be utilized by the students of our Nation.

We thank you for being our valued customers and encourage you all to stay safe!