Simple ways to use electricity wisely

  • Turn up the thermostat on your air conditioning, or use ceiling fans and portable fans to circulate the air in your house.
  • Close heating and air conditioning vents in rooms that you do not utilize often and close the doors.
  • Wash laundry in cold water instead of hot or at least warm water instead of hot. By doing this, you will use less energy because the water does not have to be heated.
  • Keep your fridge and freezer stocked with food to maintain the cold air, but do not overload it or the cold air will not have a chance to circulate and the appliance will have to work harder. Also make sure that you regularly clean off the air filters on the back or bottom of the appliance to increase the efficiency of the unit.
  • Plug your small appliances and electronics into a power strip and turn the power strip off when they are not in use. Appliances and electronics still draw electricity when not in use, especially if they have clocks.


Phantom Energy

Energy that flows through electric circuits when items are plugged in but turned off or not in use. It is wasted energy, and yet, you are paying for it.

The solution?

Unplug everything you do not use. A surprising 75% of the energy used by home electronics is consumed when they are turned off.