Tohono O’odham Utility Authority

In response to COVID-19, TOUA continues to make temporary adjustments in the way we conduct business and serve our customers. The following will be in effect until May 31, 2020, at which time the situation will be re-evaluated:

All services and most support functions will be unaffected for TOUA customers, except the following:

  • TOUA’s office is closed to customers and visitors, except as discussed below.
  • The telephone office is open to walk-in customers to assist with Internet, Cellular, and Telephone service requests, customers are being serviced in the hallway near the North entrance.   We are practicing social distancing so only two persons will be allowed in the area at any given time.  TOUA personnel will be in gloves and facemasks.  Any items received for troubles will be held for 48 hours before being worked on (laptops, telephones, cellular phones, etc.)
  • The Cashier area is open for walk-in payments. We encourage customers to wear facemasks when they are entering TOUA’s office to make a walk-in payment. Customers are highly encouraged to make payments through the TOUA online payment process. Customers paying by check and or money order can also use the drop box at the TOUA office.
  • Technicians will not be dispatched to a customer site except for emergency restoral of service.  Once dispatched, technicians will only work on external equipment and will not be entering homes or businesses.  Technicians that determine a customer site is unsafe have been instructed to leave, explaining that our policy requires it.
  • New service Installations will be postponed unless the installation can be performed without entering a business or a customer’s home. With the exception of Telephone and DSL installs. Customers will experience a delay in service installs, due to high demand.  During the service request process, it will be explained that our technicians will be arriving in personal protective equipment (PPE), which includes facemask, gloves, and disposable coveralls.  When the technicians arrive, the customer will be asked if anyone in the home is ill, if not then it will be explained that we are practicing social distancing and no person will be allowed within the area being serviced/worked.  At the time the technicians are scheduled through the NOC (Network Operations Center) it will be explained that TOUA will only complete installations in the kitchen or living room and the area they would like the equipment placed will need to be cleared home furnishing and personal items.  TOUA technicians WILL NOT move furniture or any other items.
  • Through the end of May, customers that would be subject to disconnection for nonpayment should call the office to avoid disconnection of service. Staff will work with customers to make future payment arrangements. After customers have made a future payment arrangement, the customer will receive a credit for any late fees assessed to their account.
  • All service requests should be made by calling (520) 383-2236. Please be aware that service requests may take longer than usual to fulfill during this time or may need to be postponed.
  • We have instructed our employees to engage in social distancing techniques, so face-to-face service will be limited.
  • Plumbing inside the customer’s home will be suspended until the end of May. Plumbing emergencies will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. We will continue to provide the customer with assistance to resolve service problems when that can be done without entering the home.
  • We will continue to make propane deliveries. Customers are encouraged to prepay for their deliveries but drivers will be able to accept payments, in the form of cash, money order, or credit card at the time of delivery, as long as employees can maintain the social distancing requirements. Please notify the office ahead of time if you will be paying by credit card, as there will be added precautions that our drivers and the customer will have to take to process the payment.


The implementation of these temporary measures is our effort to continue to serve our customers during these unprecedented times. 


Mike Bethurem

TOUA General Manager