In loving memory of


Darrold Hobbs, Sr., worked in the electric industry for 34 years.  His experience in various aspects of the Electric Department was incredible.  As a lineman, he shared that he was on call during monsoon season one year.  The power went out, he did a 48- hour stretch racing from trouble call to trouble to restore power, catching sleep when he could.  This is a testament to the dedication he had for his work here at TOUA.    Long hours, working in challenging conditions were just par for the course.  He understood the challenges of maintaining 680 miles of distribution line in a service territory that was about 5,000 square miles.  As the Electric Operations Manager, he inherited an electric system that was adequate but he was determined to make it better by upgrading it and utilizing new technology available in the industry.  In addition, he developed and supported his staff to be able to maintain and oversee the new changes.   These contributions are all to decrease outage times and to provide reliable power to the people.  The Tohono Oʼodham Utility Authority salutes Darrold Hobbs for his foresight and vision to upgrade the electric systems and to improve the overall reliability of electricity for our customers.  Even though he will be missed, TOUA will continue to move forward, in gratitude.